International Youth Legal Exchange Federation (“IYLEF”) was founded by a group of young lawyers and law students in 2017 and based in Hong Kong, with the vision to nurture and unite the next generation of Hong Kong legal minds.

Our Mission

  • Promoting the rule of law and legal knowledge among young people;
  • Providing law students and young legal professions with a multi-faceted platform of exchange across jurisdictions;
  • Assisting the young legal professionals to develop their legal career.

Our programmes

Mainland China Internship

The Programme will be held from July to August every year. It targets Hong Kong students who are currently studying law in local or overseas universities and aims to develop students’ knowledge and interest in the Chinese legal system.

Overseas & Regional Exchange

The Federation organised the "Youth Legal Exchange Programme", participated in conferences and seminars held by law-related institution in neighboring areas and countries of the Belt and Road Initiative.

Public Promotion

IYLEF has participated into the 'Studio DoJ', a public legal education project initiated by DoJ, by mobilising its professional members to contribute 60 sets of original video content which covers a broad spectrum of legal topics, including criminal law, civil law and the Basic Law.

Youth Forum

The federation regularly holds exchange and sharing meetings involving young lawyers, students, scholars, senior legal practitioners and government officials to discuss current legal issues, thereby strengthening contacts and communication with various stakeholders in the legal profession.

Message from President

IYLEF is a Hong Kong-based professional organisation founded by a group of young lawyers and law students with the objective to nurture and unite the next generation of Hong Kong’s legal minds by bridging individuals with the international legal arena. With the support from the HKSAR Government, IYLEF has successfully launched two legally-themed exchange tours to Singapore and the UK during the first quarter of 2018, providing a brand-new professional platform for international legal exchange for both law students and young legal practitioners. With the Mainland China Legal Internship Programme being its flagship Programme, IYLEF is set on the course to provide a more comprehensive set of professional support to law students and young legal practitioners along the development of their legal career.